Slow, stuttering video playback

Very surprised to be having this issue with Infuse, but I have recently started having an issue where playback will suddenly slow down and stutter, as if it is dropping frames, midway through, and then suddenly snap back to being normal again. I recently got a new second-gen ATV 4K and migrated my Infuse over to that, and it happens both on my new ATV and the old one. My content is on an SMB share. Any help would be appreciated.

It may help to run the diagnostics and post the code here if it happens again. That may give them a clue as to the cause.

It’s happening with every video I play.

Diagnostics code: 0RBV9.


How often does this happen within one video? Does it only happen at the very beginning or continuously throughout?

It generally happens 1-2 times, for about 30 seconds to 1 minute’s worth of playback, during a given movie or TV episode. It doesn’t seem to happen at any specific time, just midway through.

Have you tried changing the Streaming Cache in the Playback preferences to “Legacy”? Just to see if something in the chain is taking a breath when things slow down.

If it happens partway through is your share going to sleep?

That’s one thing changing to legacy will usually eliminate. :slight_smile:

My share is not going to sleep. I tested Legacy streaming cache thoroughly and it did not resolve this issue.