Slow, stuttering video playback

Very surprised to be having this issue with Infuse, but I have recently started having an issue where playback will suddenly slow down and stutter, as if it is dropping frames, midway through, and then suddenly snap back to being normal again. I recently got a new second-gen ATV 4K and migrated my Infuse over to that, and it happens both on my new ATV and the old one. My content is on an SMB share. Any help would be appreciated.

It may help to run the diagnostics and post the code here if it happens again. That may give them a clue as to the cause.

It’s happening with every video I play.

Diagnostics code: 0RBV9.


How often does this happen within one video? Does it only happen at the very beginning or continuously throughout?

It generally happens 1-2 times, for about 30 seconds to 1 minute’s worth of playback, during a given movie or TV episode. It doesn’t seem to happen at any specific time, just midway through.

Have you tried changing the Streaming Cache in the Playback preferences to “Legacy”? Just to see if something in the chain is taking a breath when things slow down.

If it happens partway through is your share going to sleep?

That’s one thing changing to legacy will usually eliminate. :slight_smile:

My share is not going to sleep. I tested Legacy streaming cache thoroughly and it did not resolve this issue.

I’m having the exact same problem, with a very similar setup.

I just posted a wall of text in a similar thread, here:

I’m seeing stuttering on high bitrate 4k hdr content. I’m connected via SMB.

It’s quite clear at the beginning of the video and occasionally during the video.

The source is a Synology NAS when I do speed test I get around 300Mbps.

Is there any buffering change in v7?

What apps are able to use background app refresh on your device?

You may want to turn off everything other than Infuse and try it.

Also you may want to try either SMB 2 or Legacy instead of auto.

That’s the infuse speed test?

Not that I’m aware of

I’d like to add to this thread - I’ve been chasing this problem for a minute.

Symptom: On any video, regardless of resolution or bitrate (either 4k or 1080 - lowest quality observed was 1080p), the video will display what “appears to be” a noticeable drop in framerate after X number of minutes. This could also be described as stuttering. Pausing and resuming the video clears the issue for a time, but the problem WILL reoccur, even within the same video.

This is reproducible, and somewhat follows a pattern - I’ve seen it occur after just a few minutes into a video, but it most often occurs at the 25-26 minute mark. I’ve seen it also occur a minute or 3 into a video, and I’ve seen it again within 5 minutes of “pause and resume” to clear a previous instance, but more often than not it will occur at 25-26 minutes, then again at 50-55 minutes into the video. After that it’s a crapshoot.

Affected devices:
3 Apple TV 4K 2018, and 1 Apple TV 4K 2021 (basically every device in the house)

Gigabit Ethernet, direct connection
Gigabit Ethernet over MOCA2
5ghz Wi-Fi
Because this affects all boxes connected in a number of ways, network topology should be able to be ruled out.

File Servers:
Multiple Synology NAS arrays. 1 “primary” nas hosting Plex (transcoding disabled), connecting to shares on the other NASs via NFS.

AppleTV configured to match hdr and framerate. (Also tested with matching framerate disabled, no effect.)
Infuse creates its library by connecting to the Plex server.

Configured Infuse to drop its Plex connection, and added the NASs directly over SMB. No effect. Dropped SMB shares and connected via NFS, no effect.

Currently testing with Background App Refresh enabled ONLY for Infuse.
If this resolves the problem, there will have been a change somewhere - prior to Infuse 7, Background App Refresh never needed to be touched for flawless playback.
Disabled in Background App Refresh: Netflix, Podcasts, Spectrum TV

Edit: This behavior does not appear in the Plex app - only Infuse. Using Plex does resolve the issue, but I much prefer Infuse lol.

It looks like the first few minutes on the playback sees a drop in network speed. Happens on nfs and smb.

Disabling the additional apps in Background App Refresh had no effect.
Trying Legacy Streaming Cache now.

A couple of things to consider with regards to network speeds causing the issue:

  1. Plex works just fine, with the same files, on the same network.
  2. Infuse shows it’s buffered quite aways ahead - the video is already cached.
  3. This stuttering problem is new - the network is not.

I think it’s safe to say that this is an Infuse bug and not an issue with any of our setups.

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Legacy Streaming Cache did not resolve the problem, unfortunately.
It did, however, bring back an old bug - on occasion, when starting a video it would only be a black screen and spinning wheel. Force-closing the app and relaunching resolved it. I hadn’t seen that bug in quite awhile.

Log code is T8TNT

Around 35 minutes

File info:
Audio Additional Features


Audio Bitrate


Audio Channels


Audio Codec


Audio Languages

English / English / Italian / Spanish / Spanish / Portuguese / Czech / Hungarian / Polish / Russian / Thai / English

Audio Stream Count


Video Bit Depth


Video Bitrate


Video Codec


Video Fps




Run Time


Scan Type



English / French / Italian / Spanish / Chinese / Korean / Spanish / Portuguese / Croatian / Czech / Greek / Hungarian / Polish / Portuguese / Russian / Thai / Turkish / Italian

We’ve been looking into this and it doesn’t seem to be very widespread, but may be related to a recent tvOS update in combination with certain AV setups.

We have a potential fix in progress, and we’d like to get some feedback on this.

Anyone who is interested in giving this a try please drop me a PM and I can add you to TestFlight.