Slow streaming speeds in 7.3.9

Hi, I’ve been using infuse for some time now without problems but now at version 7.3.9 I can’t stream fro my ftp site anymore, keeps buffering every 2 seconds. It seems there is a buffering issue. I use an iPad with latest iPadOS connected to my ftp server. Even at home on my wifi it’s not working so it’s not a connection problem.

Try changing the streaming cache setting from auto to something else and see if that makes a difference.

You can also run a speed test to check what kind of speeds you are able to get from this server.

The option for this can be found in the share’s settings in Infuse > Add Files > Share Name > (pencil icon) > Speed Test

I don’t know if this is okay but before this version I never had any issues

Ah yes those speeds are very slow. So maybe there is a network issue?

If possible, you may try connecting without a VPN to see if speeds improve.

@Gielie looks a lot like what we are discussing here - SFTP performance on iOS/tvOS