Slow streaming from Remote Plex Server


I have set up a Plex server on a remote location with 1Gbps Full-Duplex Wired Network and I am streaming on my ATV 4K problem I am facing is that I can’t get more than 15 Mbps speed and due to this my movies constantly buffer. I am using a wired connection on my ATV 4K my internet speed is 200 Mbps Full duplex but I can’t achieve more than 15 Mbps speed test result via infuse.

Is there any throttling in plex server for remote connections? That may need to be adjusted. Do you have the same issue with the official plex client?

Plex has a number of network related settings that allow you to limit streaming speeds.

The native Plex app handles these cases by downgrading video into a lower quality before streaming. Infuse does not do this, and will attempt to stream all videos in their full native quality.

There is some info in this guide that may help you find the correct setting in your Plex server.

Yes I have tested and the same issue on Plex and now I have switched to FTP and the problem is the same it’s providing a Maximum 15Mbps speed Idk where it’s throttling .

tried that too but still it’s same and now i am on FTP via remote server and problem is still same 15Mbps maximum speed i can get what could be possible troubleshoots from here? i am streaming 4K HDR 30 GB.

As a quick test, you might try connecting to a local share (Mac, PC, etc…) and see what kind of speeds you get there.

This might help narrow down where the bottleneck might be.

If you get full speed on your local network and slow when remote I’d be willing to bet it’s something network related; either throttling by your ISP or something in your router (QoS, intrusion detection, packet inspection, etc. If you download the file remotely via FTP onto a laptop or desktop what is the transfer speed.