Slow startup with external hard drive pluged in

Ok, I am nearly there.  I have ironed out most of my problems with aTV flash.  I guess I could become a support advisor for firecore by now LOL.  I have found one more little problem that I need to fix.

All of a sudden if I have to restart my apple tv for whatever reason and my external hard drive is plugged in.  It takes an eternity to load back up.  If I unplug the external hard drive, it starts up really quickly.


Any Ideas, please.

I am using a 1TB Verbatim Hard drive and have never had any problems before.



Are you using the external drive for primary (iTunes syncing) or secondary storage?

I am having this same issue. If I try to plug the HD in after it starts up, it claims to see none of my files, even though it usually sees the HD. I cannot even get my other unit to see the files at all.


Later EddieO

The hard drive is formatted to Fat 32 and is set up as primary as far as I know.  It has never done this before.  Any suggestions??

same problem, even if formatted using Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

has anyone found a solution? thanks