Slow speeds on Apple TV

I have the  tv 4K as well, and plenty of free space. This happened overnight with the latest version for me.

I was literally watching a movie without problems one night, then the next day when I tried to resume the same movie it has become unwatchable due to constant buffering.

Just downloaded and tried again on my Atv4k but still experiencing the same problem. Just sent the diagnostic. Code: H68MM

Can you run a speed test from within Infuse?

Infuse > Settings > Shares > Share Name > Speed Test

Sure, do you want me to mail it to you?

I’m getting an avg speed of aprox. 34 mbps.

Edit: I also tried changing from auto to legacy buffering in case that had anything to do with it but that didn’t change anything.

34 mbps is a bit on the low end.

What type of device are you streaming from?

Are you using Wi-Fi or Ethernet?

WiFi, but it’s been working flawlessly before. The problem literally started overnight with the same movie.

I don’t want to derail what James is thinking but have you checked to make sure you’re connected to the correct WiFi? Some people get great speed with 5Ghz band and very poor speed on the 2.4Ghz band. Sometimes when you lose the WiFi connection the ATV will re-join the wrong band and you’ll get miserable speed.

And a quick Apple TV reboot should fix that problem.

Not always, I’ve seen them rejoin the slower net repeatedly. The only sure way is to check. Maybe even delete the slower net from the WiFi memory of the ATV.

No it’s disabled already. And like I said, the troubles started overnight with version 6.5.3

I was watching a movie one night and paused it halfway through, then the next day I updated the app and resumed the movie. It’s been unwatchable since.

I’ve gone back and reread your post and want to make sure I understand what you’re saying.

Is this problem only with a specific video? Do others play without this problem?

Is your ATV set to automatically update the OS? What OS version number are you currently at?

Yes, it’s set to auto update. Currently on 14.2 (18K57).

Yes only for one file, which was working fine one day and is now unplayable due to constant buffering.

When testing other files of similar size and bitrates it works fine. All of them are mkv.

Can you play that file with say VLC to see if the file may have possibly got corrupted in some way?

Can’t believe I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll try tomorrow and post the results here. Thanks for the suggestion.

I do however have a very old Mac and playing it on that might cause some problems due to it not handling high bitrates very well. But I’ll give it a try.

You could always just install VLC on your Apple TV.

So I just tried your suggestion. The file works fine in VLC, both on my Mac and on the Apple TV.

When you do a speed test in Infuse could you choose a different video and see what you get for speed in Infuse? Maybe a few different videos just to have a sampling.


See here sole samples of different speed test on 4K and 2K movies :