Slow speeds and buffering have me at a loss

Hello everyone,

I’m very much a newbie to all of this, but I’m really enjoying the feature set of Infuse and am hopeful to get everything to work flawlessly. I set up an external HDD with usb 3 as a server through my 2018 Intel Mac Mini. I was doing a SMB share to Infuse on my AppleTV. I’m running the latest software on everything except my Mac Mini, which is still on MacOS 14.3 (I was hearing about some bugs in 14.4) . Everything is connected to my xfinity gateway (yeah, I know…) via cat8 ethernet, which should be overkill. For reference, my internet speeds are about 1.2gbps down.

I’m in my first week of using all of this and everything had been running great until last night. I was attempting to watch a large file (77gb) in 4k HDR, but it was constantly stopping to buffer. I did a speed test on Infuse, and I was somehow only getting about 60mbps, at best. I tried switching to each different SMB version, but nothing made a difference. I also tried switching the caching to “legacy” and “memory only,” which also made no difference.

Edit to add that I also tried sharing the file directly from my Mac’s SSD to see if the issue was with my external HDD’s speed. This also made no difference.

Today I tried setting up my very small library through Plex and sharing that to Infuse. I was pleased to see that the speeds improved to a very consistent 94mbps, and the video I was trying to watch seems to be working now (I didn’t watch the whole thing). I’m a bit concerned, though, that 94mbps is still on the slow end of what I should be receiving. Will this speed work consistently for large files?

So I’m coming to you for any ideas or help you may be able to provide. Is there anything else I can try to improve my speeds? I can’t figure out where the bottle neck is.

Thanks so much for any ideas you have!

Which Apple TV do you have? It sounds like something is getting limited to 100Mbps. Plex should give you significantly higher speeds but if it is under 100 that suggests a network issue.
Maybe try removing some devices from your router. Or it could be a bad cable somewhere.

I have the 32GB Apple TV 4K that was released in 2021… I think that’s the second generation?

Interesting that you think it’s likely a network issue. I’ll try testing cables and maybe even seeing what happens if I try everything over wifi as an experiment tonight.


One other thought, you may want to try setting up a FTP share instead of SMB. Some users find that FTP gives them better speed results with their local network.

In case you haven’t seen it there’s a users guide that may help also. It has some SMB troubleshooting suggestions and a great how to for setting things up.

Plex is often as fast as FTP, which they did do, but I supposed it wouldn’t hurt to try.

But plex does have tons of little adjustments many of which can cause network issues. Straight FTP to the mini will eliminate that.

Yes, true. Dedicated NAS would be the best solution

I should have mentioned that I actually did try a straight FTP connection last night, but I was getting an error when trying to access my external drive. That seemed like a whole other problem that I didn’t want to investigate at the time.

Anyway, I just tested some things, and it turns out my Ethernet cable to my AppleTV was the problem. I’m on WiFi to the ATV for the moment (while I order a new one) and I’m getting 650mbps.

Thanks for all the help!


A NAS solution is my medium- to long-term plan. I want to use the external drive for now as I build up my library before fully committing the resources to the NAS.

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