Slow scrubbing Infuse 4.3.6

Hey guys,

I have a question on performances of Infuse 5 vs Infuse 4: I’m currently on Infuse 4.3.6 on tvOS, and scrubbing through big bitrate files like Web-DL 1080p Tv shows takes 5 to 10seconds for a 10 seconds forward (or backward) (around 4gb file for a 50mn show). How is the performance of Infuse 5 for handling files like these? I’m willing to pay the subscription but only if it enhances dramatically the quickness for scrubbing. I’m with the Apple TV 4, and streaming my movies from Synology DiskStation DS216j with ethernet.

Thank you for your help!

Infuse 5 has a number of improvements which could help with this, and you can download the free version to try Infuse Pro for an entire month for free.

You may see faster performance by switching to Wi-Fi as well.