Slow Poster Art/Thumbnails - any improvement with update?

I haven’t yet done the most recent update on my ATV2 but am wondering if other users have noticed if their poster art/thumbnails load any faster with the update then they had before it.  My ATV2 in media player thumbnails are painfully slow to load, and moving into one menu ie movies>thor and then back to movies, the art takes forever to reload even if I had stayed in it until the movie thumbs all loaded up (for multiple movies, obviously).  XBMC loads them much faster but still, quite a lag.

I’m just curious because with my ATV 1, on the same network, and same directories, its not slow at all, Its quite fast.  I’m just curious why an older machine would load faster than the new one. 

Also curious, with the ATV3 specs, would one expect it to be much faster in loading these (once its jailbroken) than the atv2.



Which version are you currently running? There were some big improvements to cover art loading speed in December and January, so the newer versions should not be exhibiting any slowness.

I’ll post current versions when able but I know I did the updates you mentioned from late 2011 (I know I reflashed it this year, like in March maybe, just before the newest update from apple)  I didn’t see anything in the way of increased loading of the thumbs though at all.

Just throwing it out there, I did have my settings backed up and - is it possible that would have anything to do with it?

Hmm shows i’m running 1.4, and 4.4.4 (3330) .  Nitotv version 0.8.2.   Did I miss an update maybe.  



Sounds like you have missed quite a few updates as Media Player has had two major new releases (1.5 and 1.6) and within those releases some point bug fix updates.

I guess though with the most recent update i’m on, I should have seen at least a bit of improvement in the speed of loading over the previous one.

Is this happening for all folders, or just a few? How many files are in the folders where you seeing the slowness?

One option may be to clear the metadata (via Media --> Settings --> Reset) as this will force everything to be re-downloaded which could potentially speed things up for you.


I updated everything last night - once the art had slowly came up initially, I could go in and out of the folders (approx 100 - 120 files in the biggest of the directories) and once they had loaded once, they were up to stay.  Much different than before so that’s good.  Now I just gotta re-jb it again and get ssh working and all should be good.  Not sure why I didn’t see any speed up on previous updates but this one looks good.