Slow Plex Sync / Always have to do Manual Sync

Hey There

I love using Infuse together with my Plex Server. But the recently played items Always take so long to have the play status updated on all of my devices (iPhone, Apple TV, Mac, iPad). Sometimes it doesn‘t sync the status at all until i hit the „refresh“ button.

I was wondering if this is a general issue or if there is a way for me to fix this?

If this is a general issue, my suggestion would be to refine the order in which data gets synced from a Plex server. To start with everything that‘s under the up next section and then load everything else.

Happy to get some feedback / suggestions here :slight_smile:

Perhaps the answer to your question is related to the issue discussed here?

Might very well be the case, they are discussing an issue with icloud sync though. Do you think the same would apply to plex sync?

It also affects the scanning of the server for changes in the background so it may also affect the calls to the Plex server in the background. Just a guess since I don’t run plex.

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