Slow network speed

I have 4 appletv 4K, 2 of the 1 gen., and 2 gen. On the 1 generation i get networkspeed around 300-400 mbs but on the 2 second generation the network speed goes from 3-100 mbs. That resulting in bufring on high bits movies. Speedtest is 500 mbs on 1 gen and 700 on 2 gen. What can be wrong?

The speed test feature in Infuse tests the speeds from the source (NAS, Google Drive, Plex, etc…) to the Apple TV. This may be different than an internet speed test, as there are different variables involved. Different protocols can have different speeds based on connection type and hardware.

If you’re getting good speeds on one device, but slower on another it is likely a network related issue. Try switching from Wi-Fi to Ethernet (or vice versa), checking network cables, or restarting routers and switches.