Slow-motion Top Menu Animation on Oled

I’ve recently bought an Oled Tv and settled up the AppleTV 4k 3rd Gen as 4k Dolby resolution and change frame rate and resolution On.

When playing a 4K Dolby Vision movie, the Tv detects the resolution and Hz and adjusts them and everything is smooth. The problem is that when I show the upper menu (audio track/subs/info) the animations for showing or hiding appear to be slowed down and choppy. I suppose it’s because they are running at different Hz, causing a drop in frame rates.
Tried to set the resolution at 4K SDR as showed in some YouTube tutorials but got the same result.
Is there any other best setup? Or is it normal on Oled TVs?

It is simply because the interface runs with the same framerate as the media does. It is normal and not oled related by any means.

Makes sense! :slight_smile:

So there’s no way to sync menu framerate with the movie framerate?

You could change ATV settings to 60hz and disable automatic refresh rate, but that´s not what somebody wants if you care about film quality.

that’s what it is already doing, which is why you’re seeing the UI doing what it’s doing.

if you’re watching a modern movie it’s probably 24p, so you’re dropping the entire device from 60 down to 24. once playback completes it reverts back to what the ATV is set to (usually 50 or 60)

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