Slow metadata fetching and keeps disappearing

Hey guys, first post.

I have the latest version of Infuse, (version 4.2)
and I’m experiencing a few bugs

1- the metadata fetching is SUPER SLOW, whether it’s online fetching or local fetching. it’s super slow, it took me around 3 hours to load the artworks of the 250 movies i have.
2- After all this time i spent waiting for the metadata to load, i close infuse, i open it again and everything is cleared… i haven’t manually clear the metadata
3- I store my data on an Airport Extreme disk, and Infuse gives me the “empty folder, nothing to see here” error every now and then, i have to restart the app in order to solve this.

Are the ‘Embedded Metadata’ and ‘Metadata Fetching’ options enabled or disabled?

It may sound counterintuitive, but having Embedded Metadata enabled will dramatically slow down the fetching process, and we recommend leaving it disabled unless you have a very specific reason for enabling it. Infuse will use the fastest settings by default.

Same Problem here … Embedded Metadata is turned off and metadata fetching is turned on … Super slow

I have the same issue. Embedded disabled, but still very slow to fetch metadata.

After fetching metadata does finally finish, then fetching thumbnails is also slow.

Same here using Infuse (errrrm Pro?) on an iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Taking absolutely AGES to populate thumbnails. Seems they never actually populate the place holders at all unless I open each and every damn show. Like I wanna sit and do that with the so-called Pro version!!! How big a library is this designed to work with? 10 movies and 5 shows??? What am I supposed to do, open the app on the iPhone and leave it open and running for a week while connected to power? That’s about how long it feels it will take.

I’ve been under the impression (just logic) that if I allow the app to load all the thumbnails on my iPhone 6 Plus (Pro v4.6) that it would STORE them locally and the next time I opened the app, any thumbnails that were preexisting would load immediately? Like others, I have not cleared metadata, I even tried turning off embedded. I’m not sure how large the file should be if it included 1000 movies but 145mb seems awfully small??? I’m confused as well if SMB, DLNA etc matters in how I access my libraries when it comes to speed (or even storing) of fetched metadata and thumbnails? I’ve tried to access them each and every way and spend hours waiting for thumbnails to populate, but seems like that metadata file barely grows in size? Then I go in and access my library and it feels like only a small portion are populating quickly, so I can’t tell exactly what is being stored locally? Are thumbnails stored locally once allowed to populate? What file sharing protocol do you need to use to get them to store locally and generate the fastest? I applaud this app for use with my QNAP server to add Dolby audio codec support but PLEX even REMOTELY (on LTE outside LAN) immediately shows my entire library and metadata? I don’t know how each program works but I do know PLEX insists on transcoding back to H264 to play and can be wasteful and CPU intensive during any HEVC playing. For this and a few other reasons, I really want a replacement. I’m STILL looking for Infuse Pro to provide this in combination with my QNAP server. I can’t even contemplate paying for InFuse 5 Pro if I can’t have immediate thumbnails populating my libraries.

One thing we’re working on for an upcoming version of Infuse 5 is a Library view option for iOS. This would allow you to load an indexed view of everything that has been indexed by Infuse, whether those files are available at your current location or not. Infuse would only attempt to access the files if you choose to play one.

having the same issue, it’s been days now and most of my library still isn’t loaded in, i’ve added new content today and for some reason most of my library for movies, collections and tv shows just disappeared.

Same here… on iPhone or on Apple TV metadata fetching is very slow.
got Last version of infuse (5.3.1). Same problem with 5.4 beta.

Having this issue too. Was it ever resolved?

Version 4.2 was upgraded several times till it reached 4.3.6 which was the last update for the 4.X version.

Thanks. I just deleted all the apps and downloaded again. Seems to be working fine now

I have the same problem as other users. With Infuse Pro 5.6.6. and multiple big libraries, sometimes some of them disappear (I think for some reason it does not connect to the NAS folder and subsequently deletes that library) and it’s constantly looking for thumbnails. Embedded Metadata is turned off. Any solution?
Thanks so much!