Slow library updates?

Using Infuse with my Plex library on an Apple TV 4k, and Plex can quickly update my library (usually within seconds). Infuse on the other hand just spins for minutes before updating. Is there any reason Infuse has to update its local library at all? Is there any way it can let Plex handle library updates and just act as a front end to play my media?

Fairly disappointed by the lack of support. This is paid software, i expect a tiny amount. Ive posted here and reddit (which i do understand are community supported) and i have emailed support a week ago and have received no responses to anything.

I have made a subject regarding this matter today (Loading and Spinner). I had some response on it with advice, unfortunately did not help and uodating takes a long time compared to Plex.

Unfortunately I don’t know how to put the direct link to my subject, but a search will do miracels.

Hope this will help buddy.

Edit: see below link


I appreciate the response, Ill give the suggestions a try but im not optimistic it will help. I just wish Infuse didnt have to maintain its own library considering im feeding all that information from Plex already.

Yes fully agree on your last comment. For me it takes a minute or so to update, but feels a long time for watching something quickly compared to Plex App.

I should add, my library is absolutely tiny right now 22 movies and 9 tv series (1 season each), hardly what I would think should take 3-5 minutes to complete.

I don’t use plex but remember someone else saying something about a plex setting for limiting upload speeds. Might be something to check out.