Slow library update

When opening infuse on my apple tv it can take a while before new episodes or movies show up (not talking about seconds but minutes). I have a feeling because of the amount of items on my nas. Currently I’m at 1985 movies, 26493 episodes and 158 others. The nas and apple tv are having a wired connection. The files are read over smb. Is there a way to improve the loading? I would already be happy if the show I go to updates faster.

Have you let it complete a scan so that on the Library settings screen under the total of different types of videos it says “Last Updated…”?

You can go to this screen as soon as you launch Infuse and watch the status messages to see if there is one of the functions that may be lagging.

Thanks for the quick reply @NC_Bullseye . So I started apple tv and the app and went to the library page. It was refreshing (as I think is normal) but after 5min it gave an indexing failure message. Then I restarted the “search for changes” and then it worked and 8 min later it said “Last updated 00:16” (which is the correct time here ^^) Not sure why the indexing failed and if it maybe happens often :thinking:

Sometimes your nas may not be wide awake. I know occasionally if the disks in mine have spun down Infuse may miss the first attempt and show an Index failed message and like you, as soon as I hit it again all it well. For me it doesn’t happen often but if I see the failed message I can get it back as soon as I hit it again.

That’s good to know and makes sense. Probably the disk where in “sleep mode” when I booted it as I wasn’t doing anything on the nas except infuse booting and checking there.

How does infuse actually do the library update on a technical level? If I may ask otherwise just tell me ^^. I’m trying to understand how it’s so slow and especially only the latest episodes only pop up after or late in the successful refresh.

BTW all this is just to fix or understand the minor discomfort I have with infuse besides this small thing I love the app and great job :clap: . Also @NC_Bullseye thanks for the quick and great explanations already.

Glad to help, as to the tech level I’m not privi to that other than I think it’s something to do with magic. :wink:

One thing that really does help is to make sure that in the ATV settings you have it set to allow Infuse to use the background refresh feature.

Go to “General” > “Usage” > “Background App Refresh” and I’ve turned it off for all other apps other than Infuse. It seems to keep up pretty well this way.

Thanks already got those settings on.

And yeah magicians always keep their secrets :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: