Slow library refresh on WebDav

Hi, I assume it might be already covered however the library refresh on WebDav is super slow. I tried VidHub (that looks like a clone, not really sure) and it’s blazing fast for the same task.

My library is currently only 28 movies and 39 TV episodes and VidHub goes through it 3-4 times faster than Infuse.

Any idea what to optimize on Infuse? I love the look and feel and the pro features on Infuse much more though.

Can you provide a bit more info on what you are seeing?

With a library that size it shouldn’t take too long to scan, and unless you are adding files there won’t be anything to update. Infuse will scan for new files when opening the app, but if there is nothing new you can ignore this process.

A few others things to consider.

Depending on how the share is set up, Infuse may be scanning through more folders than it needs to. To limit what is being scanned you can add favorite(s) for the folder(s) which contain the actual video files. This will allow Infuse to avoid wasting time scanning through files in other folders.

You may also consider disabling the Smart Folders option, as this can provide faster speeds for both scanning and opening folders directly.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

With regard to favorites, I had already set that up that way however I cleaned all my library (so that I could also disable smart folders) and did some tests for both apps.


Library refresh with new movie added: 28 sec
Library refresh no new content: 15 sec


Library refresh with new movie added: 2 sec*

*However differently to Infuse the new movie added was not picked up, so a manual refresh was needed.

Manual refresh with new movie added: 14 sec
Library refresh no new content: 2sec

It seems there’s a perceived faster loading due to not picking up new content which Infuse does, however the scanning is actually twice as fast too.

I didn’t do a manual refresh in Infuse because it’s beside the point since, correct me if I am wrong, I think it behaves differently (it redownload all the metadata) however that one takes a much longer time than anything tested above.

Your initial thread title is very bold. I don’t like Vidhub because its developer recently posted some aggressive tweets against James in Chinese on Twitter.

However, I did use it before. It refreshes the library faster on Aliyun Drive, but I can’t feel much difference on WebDAV.

Update: After testing, Vidhub is significantly faster on WebDAV.