Slow initial Google Drive speeds

Do any of you have this issue with Google Drive where it takes about 10-15 seconds to max out your internet connection speed? Please take a look at the screenshot attached. The stream will start, then pause with the grey circle shown over the frozen image and after 10 to 15 seconds it continues normally. It seems like it only happens on files with higher bitrates around 12-15 Mb/s or 2.5 GB per 20 min.

It isn’t a big deal, but would be better if the stream started faster, obviously. Could it be Google caching the file to my ISP’s Google edge node (GGC) and slowing down things temporarily? I’m not sure if they actually do caching for Google Drive data.

Anyone else having a similar problem?


As a quick test, do you have another cloud service (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc…) you could test on the Apple TV? If the same behavior is present there it may be a quirk (design?) of your ISP.

Thanks for the reply, James.

I’ve noticed it doesn’t happen every time, sometimes the stream starts smoothly and almost immediately. The traceroute from my ISP to is different from what it was last week, so they’re making some changes from their end. This could be a temporary thing and just a bad timing. I wasn’t sure if this is normal due to Google Drive limitations or it’s just my ISP.

If this continues I will try and experiment with another cloud provider.