Slow download speed from a Plex library


I have a Plex server (i7 7700) on a gigabit network and I find the transfer from Plex to Infuse (downloads) extremely slow on a 5Ghz wifi on both iPad Pro 2018 & iPhone X.
It takes me around 30-45 min to download a 4gb file.

Is there any thing to do to speed things up ?


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Are you seeing similar speeds when downloading files through the normal Plex app?


Thanks for the welcoming !

No, I have fast server (48TB with 1TB of SSD cache)… So no, speed are not like this at all with anything other (SMB share, Plex etc…)

Sorry, I mean the Plex app running on the same Wi-Fi device (iPad & iPhone).

How are the download speeds there?

Edit: I managed to correct the issue, my routing table was fu**** up… Sorry

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