Slow Download from Synology SMB Share over Local 5G Wifi


I’m using the latest version of Infuse Pro (iphone 6S + ipad Pro 10.5) each time i try to download locally from my Synology NAS, speed is very Slow.

Doing the same from a laptop connected to the same 5G Wifi is fast (32MB/s average)?

When using Infuse it’s 3-5 times slower…

Is this normal or I should get same download speed as on my laptop when using Infuse?

Thank you!

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Have you noticed this is slower in 5.6.9 compared to past versions? If so, you may try one of the workarounds described in the link below.

Not slower with 5.6.9, never noticed it was as fast as what i experience on my laptop on same WIfi 5G network.

Changed settings on Nas to SMB 2 & SMB2 + large MTU but same speed with Infuse downloading :frowning:

Should i be getting same speeds as on my laptop?

Btw: tested speedtest from ipad/iphone and i get 33-35Mb/s so it’s not a problem with the iphone/ipad but directelly related with Infuse.

PS: Switching to minimum SMB2 isn’t an option as programs like KODI don’t support yet SMB2+…
PS2: Max SMB on Synology is set top SMB3 so Infuse should benefit from it if it uses that one.