Slow connection to PC

Hello there,
Just upgraded my appletv2 with Atv flash… Love it! But i have a problem…
When i’m trying to connect to my pc through media player, it Takes forever to gain access to my shared folders (1-5mins),
It’s just keep loading… :frowning:

But when it’s has connected to my shared files, there’s no problem with fast navigating and streaming…
Any idears what’s wrong?

Sry my bad english, hope you can help me!

Same issue with AFP to my Mac and Time Capsule. What causes this?


Happened after updating to 5.0.1  Everything works but loading from shares on my OS X server takes forever - used to be (on ATV 4.x) really fast, almost instantenious (with the occasional user/password error), but now is agonizingly slow on every level (main share, subfolders, show/movie data). But just like Pedenmoeller, once it’s loaded, playback is fine…

Does this have to do with ATV 5.x.x?

Update: should mention that it’s an AFP connection - don’t know if this helps (need more testing anyways) but I added an NFS share to the same machine where my movies and TV Shows are stored, and the AFP shares seem to load significantly faster than before (5-10 secs instead of 30-60). Will update after some more testing to see if this holds true…

Whisful thinking on my part, unfortunately… After waking from sleep the ATV2 again took it’s sweet time to load my shares…

I am having the same problem. Has anyone found a way to sort this out as it is starting to drive me insane

Same problem. I’m a first time user though so cannot compare to other versions.

First loadup of software, I found the computers on my network fairly quick. Then it sat there searching my network computer for files. I gave up and didn’t think it worker. Tried deleting the share computer, and then couldn’t find it again, and my network was working and ATV was seeing the internet.  Left it searching for shares and it finally found my computer, but still no files. Tried the test connection, and it took several MINUTES. I found this forum and found out that there was a problem with the speed, so I left the ATV in its continual search for files… It finally worked!!  Watched a movie. 

It still takes forever to connect, a few minutes or more, to my share computer and its files.  Once in, if I’m looking at my movies and accidentally exit out, it takes forever to go back into the movie listing again.  Hope a solution comes soon.

me too… quite long… apple AFP

Same problem so slow can’t stream hi def content! Please fix! Apple afp to iMac

Hi All.

I have found a solution for my problem with the slow connection/or no connection and I hope that it can help you to.

My old wifirouter broke down for a couple of weeks ago and the only thing I did was setting up a new wifi router. This seems to solve my problem with the lack of connection to my PC. Now there’s no problem at all and my aTV is running smooth and easy.

maybe it has something to do with a defect port on the old router, I dont know - I’m not that smart with all that internet setup-stuff! But I really hope that it can help you guys so you also can experience a fully functional aTV! 




I’ll join the club. Also when watching a 720p it does it’s “fetching” several times during the movie:(

AFP with Time Capsule.


Did not have that problem with 4.4.4 fw



It took a long time, and I’m still not 100% sure about what finally helped, but my aTV2 is back to it’s own snappy self!

First thing you want to try is to determine if the problem lies on the ‘server’-end. If you have more than one computer, try sharing a folder with a fair amount of content from a different computer than the one you’re primarily using to stream media to the aTV. In my case, I copied the entire movies folder to my iMac. Streaming from there brought the speed back. 

After that, it was a matter of trying different settings on the Mac mini server. Like I said I’m not exactly sure what the cure was but I tried fiddling with DNS settings, and setting permissions on the shares to guest accessible (and deleting any unneccesary permissions). I’ve since repurposed the Mac mini server as a ‘normal’ productivity Mac, and bought a Synology NAS, but even on the server speed has been normal foor the last couple of weeks. Good thing too, this issue was really driving me nuts, and made watching content nearly impossible…