Slow connection on SMB (with macOS) but OK using DLNA

Hi all,

I am using Infuse (v5.6.9) on AppleTV (4k). I’m streaming videos from my iMac. AppleTV & iMac communicate through ethernet-wired CPL (Netgear CPL2000).
I’ve tested link performance (replaced AppleTV with another Mac and tested throughput using iperf: I get ~250mbps). Also tested file transfer between the two links using SMB, results are consistent with iperf measurement - I get ~200mbps.

Now here’s my issue: streaming using SMB from my Mac to my Apple TV does not go beyond ~25mbps. OK for HD movies but mostly fails with UHD/HEVC files. I’m using the “JellyFish” samples to test drive my setup.

Funny thing: if I set up a DLNA (using Plex Server on my iMac), I have a far better throughput (I can reach up to 150mbps). I’ve tried disabling packet signing for SMB but still get no improvement. Any idea ? Something I’m doing wrong ?

Note: I’m using “standard” sharing from macOS - no tweaks, no specific settings.

Thanks for your help!

Apple’s implementation of SMB seems to be sub-optimal from my experience. Had a similar problem with my NAS. Have you given NFS a go? Much less overhead than SMB.

Thanks movie lover (:
Same with NFS: transfer from mac to mac reaches ~170Mbps but if I put back the AppleTV it remains stuck at lower rates (~15Mbps tonight). And still ok with DLNA (~160mbps) aaaaargh
For what it’s worth: I’m using the Pro version (monthly subscription).

What kind of drive do you have in your iMac? Is it SSD, HD, or fusion? I have also found that SMB with mac is too slow to use with full blu-rays. Ended up getting a NAS and that solved all problems.

I have a Fusion 3TB drive.
I tend to think there’s something wrong either at the AppleTV or at the Infuse level as I can reach good transfer rates using indifferently NFS or SMB outside of the Infuse context…