Slow Connection Media Player to Synology NAS

Hi all,

I purchased a Synology DS713+ that is connected directly to my router. I have a jailbroken Apple TV 2 with ATV Flash that is connected via Wi-Fi. I have a shared folder "video" that can be accessed by the media player on the Apple TV.

I tried AFP, SMB, NFS, hostname or IP address... with similar results and I'm still having troubles when accessing the NAS shared folder via the Apple TV. It takes about 20 seconds to show the content of the video folder. Once it's connected, browsing and playback goes smoothly. After I watched a movie and I want to delete the file, it takes again 20 seconds to delete the file.

Otherwise the DS713+ works great with my Macbook Air and Windows 8 machine. I get better results when connecting via plex or xbmc.

Any suggestions what I could try or do to fix this?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Gianni

I had this very same problem, and defaulted to XBMC. Since the last update, I tried AFP connection and this has resolved the problem. It is now a 2-3 second wait, and generally much more responsive. I have now sacked off the overcomplicated and bloated XBMC (i love it, but not on the apple tv)




Did you set up XBMC through the Apple TV with a Synology NAS? If so, would you mind sharing your settings - I can’t seem to get XBMC to even find my Synology NAS.


Hi Rob,

Thank you for the feedback. I’m on the 2.3 update and connect to the NAS via AFP, but I still get the same delays. Do you connect via IP or via a hostname (e.g. synologyname.LOCAL)?