Slow cloud speeds - can Infuse load videos in multiple threads

Some of my movies are stored in the cloud, such as google drive and onedrive, often not smooth when playing video, because the cloud download single-threaded speed is slow, if infuse can multi-threaded loading video, then the speed will be much faster, so may be able to play smoothly

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No response?

Did you try a Speedtest in infuse? How big of files? What device? What OS? What version of infuse? If you don’t have great network performance, doubling the threads won’t magically solve the problem. It’s not like you can double the Ethernet or WiFi connections. For Apple TV or Mac try with an Ethernet cable. There have also been quota limits to google drive and this would undoubtably make that worse. also taking performance away from playback and towards network would probably be worse.

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I measured the speed in infuse sometimes only 2MB / S, with apple tv, infuse version is 7.5.10, connected to the onedrive, if the computer directly download onedrive movie single thread is also 2MB / S, but multi-threaded download will be able to reach 50MB / S, that is why I suggest infuse can be multi-threaded Loading movies

I wish this was the case too.

50MB/s (a unit hard drive data transfer read/write operations are reported in) is 400Mb/s in the units internet speeds are generally quoted in: the latter being megabits/s, the former megabytes/s (there of course being 8 bits in a byte).

400Mb/s is pretty fast and expensive internet (at least where I live). Have you got that?

I’m guessing the slowness may be due to your network or the distance between you and the Google Drive/OneDrive nodes.

Are you using any sort of VPN? Are you using Infuse on an iPhone? Can you try different Wi-Fi networks or a cellular data connections to see if the speeds change?

If you’re getting 2 Mbps now, logic would say you’d need 25 threads to get 50 Mbps - assuming you are able to get the same speeds on all threads (which may or may not be the case).

A quick speed test with Google Drive for me in the current version shows pretty solid speeds.

Yes, my home broadband is 500mb

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I use in apple tv and iphone speed is almost 2MB / S, that is, 16mbps / s, this speed to play 4k movies or not enough, I do not need 25 threads to connect to reach the full speed of 50MB / s download speed, even if you can 8 threads that also has 16MB / S speed, enough to watch 4k movies

I don’t use VPN to connect to onedrive