Slow and Choppy Playback Message - How Can I Stop the message?

I am streaming from Windows PC to the Media Player. The problem is before each file starts I keep getting the “slow and choppy” message. It’s making trying to play a playlist of short HD clips very difficult, each time I need to click “Play Anyway”. Is there anyway I can stop this message popping up each time?

I think this has to do with the file format the content is in, so you’d probably have to re-encode the content to get the message to go away.  If I access mpeg2 files, i get that message, but if I re-encode them to h.264 then the message goes away… and the video playback looks better.

MP will detect the container, codec, bitrate, etc… and determine if the file can be played smoothly or not - so you may see this warning for some files that are on the edge.

Could you run one of your MPEG files through MediaInfo ( and open a support ticket with the specs?