Slight jerky playback on (some) bluray rips


I’ve been going through my bluray library and copying the movies into m2ts format and playing them off my Synology NAS. I’d say 90% of the movies play flawlessly. The odd movie, though, is slightly jerky during playback. Examples are Inception and The Last Starfighter.

Would appreciate any help in finding a resolution.


There are literally hundreds of things and combinations of things that can cause poor playback. Things like type of compression done for the rip, codecs used, network type whether wired or wireless, if wireless what speed, what kind of server, and so many others.

You’ll get better answers if you give some more info on the way you’re compressing the files and network specifics as well. What parameters did you change on the 10% that fail? Do they by chance have higher bitrates or higher quality audio encoded?

Any additional info would help.

Blurays are copied using DVDfab.

No compression (that I know of). All files are in m2ts format and copied to my Synology DS216+II NAS. Infuse 5.5.2 on an Apple TV. Ethernet the whole way. When I play the movie on Infuse, playback is slightly jerky. When I play via the DS app (from Synology) on my Samsung TV, playback is smooth.

Like I said, this is affecting a small number of files. Most play flawlessly.



Any ideas? Anyone from Firecore care to respond?


When I experienced buffering on high bit rate blu-ray rips, the two things that made a difference were:

  1. Use NFS protocol for your shares. performance is better than SMB. Lower overheads.
  2. Ditch wired ethernet (if using), and go wi-fi. I had an inherent belief that wired should give a more consistent and faster bandwidth. Switched to 802.11ac wi-fi and all my buffering issues disappeared. Get your wi-fi access point as close as possible to your AppleTV. Mines about 4m away.

These may or may not apply to you, but they helped me immeasurably.


Thank fore the response. My issue isn’t with buffering.It’s with a couple of movies that a slightly jerky during playback on Infuse but are fine if I use the DS Video player directly through my tv.

Switching to Wi-Fi might be worth a try, as it’s theoretically 10x faster than Ethernet on the Apple TV.

If the issues persist after that, sending in a report from your device will help us see exactly what is going on.

Important to clarify that you will get those 10x better speeds using 802.11ac specifically, which is limited to 5ghz.

Correct. If you’re using 2.4 GHz, 802.11n will theoretically top out at 300 Mbps - so still 3x faster than Ethernet.

YMMV based on equipment, signal quality, and environmental factors. :wink:

Ok can everyone please read my post carefully.

This is happening on a few movies. The majority are fine. Also when I play them via the Synology DS Video app via my Samsung tv all files play fine. It has nothing to do with wifi vs wired connection.

Do you have the MediaInfo app? Is there anything distinct about those films that shows up when you run them through it.

you checked to make sure it’s not a framerate mismatch… i.e. you’re on 24fps (most blurays) but you have PAL rip? (e.g. The Planet Earth)…