Slight audio hiss

Hi all,

AFTER updating to the latest tvOS13 I noticed there is a much more pronounced audio hiss; it can be heard even more using headphones. You can hear the hiss start and stop when hitting play. The way it use to work prior to TVOS13 is I would hear a slight hiss start/stop after pressing play but then The hiss would stop prior to the movie starting, was beautiful and dead silent. it was perfect. I feel like tvOS13 (latest update) has changed something.

I also have a mediaPC that I use and have confirmed it’s still perfect with zero hiss so have ruled out it being my equipment.

Does anyone else hear this or can the infuse team look into this? I love your app on aptv4k but the new hiss is really annoying :frowning:

I know what you are thinking, it’s probably this guys receiver or headphones - I can assure you I ruled this out before posting using my other devices hooked up to the same receiver. Wish I could roll back to tvos12.xx


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Did you try other streaming apps on the Apple TV? Seems like if the change occurred with the OS change it’d be an OS issue.

Yes - seems to do it with mrmc as well. Other apps, Netflix and YouTube are good.

There were many changes to audio handling in tvOS 13, you may find better results if you experiment in the ATV settings under “Audio Format”. Try turning it from Auto to Change Format and test the options.

Ok I will give that a shot. -thanks

So changing audio formats totally eliminated the hiss as like it was before the update. Except now I have to reduce the quality to DD5.1? Apple has def done something for the worse here. Sure hope it can be fixed.

It’s probably some sort of weird incompatibility introduced with tvOS 13 and your receiver. File in as a bug report with Apple. Maybe they’ll fix it in a future update.

That stinks - my receiver is a denon x4500 not very old. I will def be letting them know.

Also check with denon. Maybe they have a firmware update.

Just did that now - updated but same deal. It does bug me because it was def not as pronounced before I updated my tvOS. I will let them know but I doubt they will care. It’s weird because it seems to be more acceptable in Netflix - can hardly notice it