Skip movie file in media player

Is there some way to be able to skip to the next file in my moviefolder?

All I can do today is fastforward och jump between chapters.

Using atv flash black.

Anyone? lets say i have 3 episodes of a tv-show, when the end credits begins, can I somehow just skip to the next file in the folder? When i try today it only fast forward…

What type of files are you using AVI, VOB, ISO… Are you talking about skipping chapters?

You could start a playlist for the files in a folder, and the next file would start playing automatically once the current one finishes.

To start a playlist simply highlight the folder that contains the shows you want to want, hold the center (select) button and choose the ‘Play as Playlist’ option.


OK, that will work. Thanks for the tips.

is there a way to skip to the next file without fast forwarding through the entire file or waiting for it to end