"Skip intro" button

The best you’re gonna get I’m afraid.

I can confirm that if you have the feature enabled on your Plex Media Server, Infuse recognizes the marker and presents a “Skip Intro” button.

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There is a straightforward way to implement this.

Let us set a default skip time for each series that will trigger once an episode starts.

It’s manual, but you only need to set it up once.

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But, there are cases like the Big Bang Theory, or Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, etc., they have a segment before intro starts, then plays the intro, and then continues to the main part, then present an outro, then a special segment. It’s difficult to do this because it’s not static, and not at the beginning, and not just one segment to skip.


You’d really need to know when the opening credits begin and end for every single file — and that not only depends on the specific series / season / episode but also where you sourced the file. TMDB (where Infuse gets it’s metadata now) doesn’t track this data. There is only one entry per episode (just as their is only one entry per movie — no accommodation for alternate cuts / special editions / unrated versions, etc.).

How would Infuse know if you got the file from a blu-ray, downloaded it, or recorded it off your antenna, commercials included? Are there “previously on ….” recaps before the episode proper begins, or were they trimmed out? Is there a cold open before the opening credits? How long is it?

It works on Netflix because that information is known and coded for every one of their episodes. Netflix knows exactly what your watching, because it is providing the content. Infuse only knows what the filename is. But it could really be anything — Infuse didn’t provide the files and can’t watch them all to figure it out.

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Infuse could simulate x number of Siri remote clicks (10 second intervals), it wouldn’t be perfect but would help for 95% of the series out there.

That’s basically what I do now, I memorize the length of the intro for a particular series and click the corresponding number of times on the remote to quickly get where I want.

The Sopranos has approx 1 min 40 sec of intro, that’s 10 clicks :]

It’s less fiddly and takes far less effort than sliding or rotating on the remote IMO.

Asking Siri to move that distance would work too, but that isn’t supported either

Sounds more like a job for a Harmony?

When would Infuse simulate the clicks?
When you double-click the remote? What if you actually wanted to simply double click the remote?
You’ve got to consider what any changes will do to everyone else using the app.

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I prefer to use the time of the intro to run to the fridge and grab my show beverage and snack. :beer: :poultry_leg:


It would be an optional setting, alternatively just a button on the interface.

The feature could be designed so that once a timer is set the play button would look like this:

Logitech has discontinued its Harmony universal TV remotes btw.

All is needed is to add an option disabled by default in settings called: “Scan TV Series to find intro”. An idea of how to do it would be this: whenever a new tv show is recognized, it will download the audio of the first 5 minutes of the first two episodes, compare the two and keep track of the timestamp in which they are equal. If the equal part comes at the same time, the timestamp will be associated with all the episodes. If not, the first 5 seconds of the audio file will be saved and compared every time an episode is played.

Similar to the “Next Episode button” feature request, this would require some heavy work from the developers in order to make Infuse capable of analyzing and recognizing matching scenes between episodes during library scan. In this case, matching intro scenes.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but there isn’t any other feature in Infuse that requires scanning the content of an episode. It’s a whole new level of challenge for Firecore team to surpass.

It would be nice to see @james comments on this.

Don’t forget to upvote and keep this request alive, guys.

The idea of setting up a manual marker would only fit a very small subset of series, and an even smaller subset of users who would be willing to do it. Better to hold out for the real deal than a quick fix that isn’t really going to appeal to the masses and add significant value to our beloved infuse… IMO…


Apparently Plex have just posted in a blog that skip outro’s/end credits is now officially coming soon.
Bizarrely I don’t think I have seen Plex disclose in advance an upcoming feature for several years until now.

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It actually just launched and works great. Even with the MCU and DC mid-credit scenes. It will jump and stop at those. And then jump after.


Yeah I confirmed the same. :smile:

I wonder if it is possible with minimal backend coding for the Infuse folks for it to piggy back off the Plex server similar to ‘Skip Intros’. I would think it wouldn’t take too much. But I am not a programmer nor do I play one on TV. Lol.

Like the first post here if you haven’t already

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Done! Thanks.

Any progress for intro skip while using an Emby server share?

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