"Skip intro" button

Just a wild thought of me: use some (possibly AI trained) algorithm to add a (toast) button skip past the intro.
For example: HBO shows always show the famous HBO logo and whitenoise, many other shows fade to black after the intro, and at least the audio is cut. So the algorithm can scan video or audio to guess where the intro ends.
This would be an amazing feature that nobody has.


Well, I expected this to be a more requested feature. ?

We have a lot of 5-6 minute episodes in a folder (okay, it’s Peppa Pig). It would be nice if we could set a marker to start where we want to start watching the episode, so we don’t have to hear that intro 10 times in an hour…


I think it would be great to have an option to skip intros for all sort of media.
There should be two options:

  1. Always skip
  2. Skip if bing watched
    The first one would be great for anime and other stuff where I don’t want to see the whole song every time
    The second would be a bit like Netflix and would allow to enjoy the show without interference

Maybe you could start be a crowd sourced open database for this stuff so not everybody has to do it on it’s own.


I really like the functionality on several Streaming Platforms to skip the Intro and Outro on series. A similar feature on Infuse would be really really nice.

Maybe it’s possible to enter a start time when the episode “really starts” and the end time Also to skip the end and directly goto next episode. So normally the trailer is the same per season so we could define it on season level?!

I would appreciate this feature

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same here :slight_smile:


It’s nice to see that support for plex intro skipping has been added. Is there a way to possible be able to have this feature directly with infuse without having plex involved.


+1 for this

+1 for this feature

Seems like tvdb or wherever TV metadata is scraped from could add a piece of info per season that says “intro duration=“ and then this info could be scraped just like any other episode or season info. Infuse could then use this value to skip that duration at the start of the episode playback.

You would want this to be able to be different per season, because some shows (typically longer running ones) change their intros for different seasons of the same show.

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Is there a way to possible be able to have this feature directly with infuse??

I’m really shy of asking this after they supported spatial audio it was my dream :sweat_smile:

I feel like I’m greedy but skip the intro button will be amazing.