skip forward and back

The new Infuse 5 breaks from the traditional 10 second skip back/forward. Is there any way to get it back?
If I miss what was said in a movie, I’m screwed because it now skips back waaaay too far. I have had to revert back to using infuse 4 because of this issue.
This was a HORRIBLE design decision. Not only is it inconvenient, it’s also inconsistent with the rest of the AppleTV apps.
Please fix this and change it back or infuse 5 is useless.

Clicking on the right/left side of the trackpad of the remote gives me 10 second skips. I can do a continuous scroll by holding down the heft/right side of the trackpad, or by using the centre like a mouse. Exactly what are you doing on the remote that is giving a different result?

I am clicking on the left / right side of the track pad, but it is skipping chapters rather than 10 seconds.

Did some more investigation, and whether the left/right click acts as a chapter jump or a 10 second jump is controlled by whether under the inFuse Settings. Playback->Chapter Controls is set to ‘on’ or ‘off’. I believe that the default is ‘off’ so at some point you must have changed it to ‘on’.

Yes, that fixed it. Thanks for taking the time to figure this out for me. I would definitely recommend having some sort of explanation for this function. I would have NEVER figured that out on my own. I just assumed it was a change in design when upgrading. In the settings menu, you guys a HUGE logo taking up the entire left side. Maybe shrink that down and use a portion of that side to have a brief explanation of each setting as the user scrolls over it?

I am just a user so do not count as “you guys” :slight_smile:

There are other places where additional information is displayed on the left. I agree with you and think it could be more widely use to provide generic help.