Skip Forward and Back behavior and Plex notifications issue

I know this is an edge use case, but I am hoping there is something that can be done to address my issue.

Background - I am using the latest version of infuse 5 pro, connecting to my plex library, using a projector and a scope screen with anamorphic lens. I also use Tautulli to activate script notifications on pause, start, resume, stop events from plex. These scripts turn the lights on or off, depending on the playing state (pause = lights on, play = lights off.) They also toggle the projectors aspect ratio to match the aspect ratio of the content (2.35 fills the screen, everything else displays with black pillars on the sides to maintain the proper aspect ratio.) This setup works fine for the official Plex player on AppleTV, Roku, Windows 10, and The Plex for Kodi addon via MrMRC on the Appletv.

Although Infuse works for discreet Pause, Resume, Stop and Start events, it is triggering pause and resume actions when fast forwarding, rewinding, skipping ahead and skipping back. This results in the lights being turned on and then back off, which is undesirable and yields “HEY!” from my wife :wink:

I assume this is because of the way Infuse is performing live scrubbing - essentially pausing the video, moving forward/backward in the video stream, and then resuming. Is there anyway to not send the pause/resume actions and just directly move forward/back in the stream?


I don’t use Tautulli, but is there a way to configure it so the script action works on “If paused for more than ___ time” instead of “on pause”? If not, that might be a good feature suggestion for them.

Yeah, that’s unlikely to happen. I have conversed with their developers before, as I was setting this up. They trigger their notifications off of standard events that Plex is reporting. They are not watching to see how long a pause or fast forward event occurs, if it is still occurring for a length of time, etc. I’m not too keen on picking an arbitrary wait time in the powershel script that I run when the pause event is triggered. You guess to low, the lights still come on, you wait too long the lights stay off when a real pause happens.

If the infuse devs can’t accommodate, I may look at not turning the lights on for pause, but rather for a Stop event. I’m fully aware they might not be able to since they are not a “true” Plex client - which is a big part of why I prefer Infuse of Plex native clients, but I figured I’d ask.