Site Specific Browsers / web apps?

I have an idea that (hopefully) shouldn’t be difficult to implement. How about site specific browsers? To get an idea of how they work, check out the Mac app, Fluid. Another possible implementation could be “web clips” ala iOS:

There are lots of web applications that would work beautifully in a site specific browser.

Online sites that should work well:
EyeTV’s streaming web interface

Home Automation Appliances / Server Apps that run in a browser:
Mi Casa Verde Vera (home automation device w/ web interface)
Irrigation Caddy (sprinkler system w/ web interface)
SABnzbd (Sick Beard, CouchPotato, Headphones)
uTorrent web interface

Sites specially formatted for TV:

Mobile sites (some are prettier than others, but usability is high):
Bank of America’s mobile site (

a multitude of other mobile sites available @

I’m sure there are plenty more that I’m not even thinking of right now. It’s home automation and server apps that get me most excited, though. 

Site Specific browsers would basically allow users to create their own apps from any website they choose. That would be the ultimate in extensibility. And aTV Flash already includes a web browser so I can’t imagine it would be so hard. :slight_smile: (… at least I hope not.)

Even better than mobile web apps, some of these iPad web apps are fantastic:


My favorites:


Amazon Cloud Reader


Financial Times


Sorry to keep posting, but at the very least, this could be a quick and dirty way to get EyeTV onto the home screen.

Great idea!