Siri System Wide Support (It worked! Once...)

I think Iā€™m going crazy but yesterday when I first tried out Siri from my apple remote on my ATV4K, I asked it to play Real Time with Bill Maher and lo and behold it opened the show in Infuse! I was so stoked.

But that ended quickly when I tried to play other things again with Siri and they all opened in the TV app :frowning: I then tried my original command again and it too opened in the TV app :frowning:

Firecore, are you guys being given limited access to system wide Siri? Has Apple said anything recently about opening up the Siri SDK on tvOS?

I just really really want the convenience of asking Siri to do things with Infuse from anywhere.

Hmmm, AFAIK this was actually never supported in Infuse.

Yeah I think your right. I must have mistaken what I saw. But it sure would be nice. Wish Apple would open up Siri on tvOS.

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