Siri integration & playback controls

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I would like use Siri to find and watch Movies/Tv Show. Now If I search a movie on my ATV, ATV found only in his own library

Hey Siri, I would like watch Vikings… Directly on my home screen… Wao it will be amazing

It’s been covered before but this requires integration with the TV app which is controlled by Apple aka Apple picks and chooses who they want to integrate with.

in WWDC this year Apple has added the Sirimediakit for tvOS allows devs to play/search for content in the app eg. play/search for lady gaga on control audio.

Is infuse intending to implement this feature ?


@james Any news about this topic? Apple made several changes on Siri integration availability since this suggestion was opened.


This would be huge. Main thing I use Siri for

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Sad to see these old issues have gone nowhere.

With the launch of the new Siri remote, this is a must. Also, it is possible to implement this in tvOS now.

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Any updates on more Siri support?


First it would make sense to see if Apple allow this through the tvOS SDK.

SnowHare above said it was possible now.

Any updates on this ? It seems like it’s not a system limitation anymore ?

SiriKit is available for tvOS 14.0+