Siri integration & playback controls

It would be nice if the infuse library would be searched whenever you do a Siri voice search. So the results of the infuse library would show up along Netflix, iTunes, and other apps. Is that possible?


Apple is currently allowing apps to access Siri on a case by case basis, and so far they’ve only been accepting content providers (Netflix, Hulu, etc…).

We’re hopefully a more universal integration option will be available in the future.

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Hi James, can infuse 5 pro access voice search on Apple TV4 please

You can use Siri to dictate the search field

Since not too many options are available in Poland, such search capabilities of Infuse would be great.

Just a thought, but shouldn’t we start something similar to 24 fps movement?

And start sending Apple some mass feedback about searching through Infuse as well?

Are there any news on this?

James’ comment still stands. Apple only adding apps. Still not a public API that anyone can use.

Is it not possible currently?

Sorry to revive an old thread but whilst Universal Search access isn’t available, can we make the current speech dictation feature more prominent? To search with my voice right now, I have to scroll up to the top, target a button, then press search. It’d be so much better to swipe, or something, at any time within the app to bring up voice search. Just some thoughts!

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After the latest WWDC17 keynote Apple has showed the latest news about their next iOS version.

I’ve read that Siri API will be released, is this a new way to control Infuse with Siri? like the apple tv at this moment? asking for things like that “play a drama movie”

The Siri API will only be opened up to a selection of categories.

Whenever I use siri to do a voice command rewind, Infuse will only rewind 10 seconds, no matter what I say. For example if I said “Rewind 1 minute” or “Rewind 10 minutes” it will only rewind 10 seconds. Has anyone else seen this?

I don’t have this issue in Plex, netflix, etc


Infuse currently uses its own player, and unfortunately does not support all Siri commands at this time.

It may be something we can support in the future though, so moving to suggestions for now.

Would also like to see support for “What did he just say” and auto turn on subtitles for 10s like with netflix/itunes.

Would really like to see the Siri rewind/skip controls to work properly. Many other apps on Apple TV have implemented this (YouTube, VLC, etc.). Would be great if you could work on this as well as the „What did they say“ feature mentioned in the comment above.

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Quietly announced today, Apple is about to release support for Airplay 2 Video, allowing Siri to play content on the desired Apple TV and Airplay 2 TVs eg. Play Game of Thrones to my living Room TV.

As with other such services, I imagine this will be heavily restricted to first party services. Here is a suggestion for Infuse integration and hope it sees the light of day at some stage.

Usually (Netflix, etc) I can turn off subtitles by holding the Siri button and saying “turn off subtitles” or temporarily activate subtitles by saying “what did they just say?”

But this doesn’t work with Infuse?

As somebody with poor hearing I often toggle subtitles and to have to do it through a multi-level menu requiring multiple inputs is cumbersome and annoying.

Any help appreciated.


+1 for more siri controls

+1 for Siri Controls

Ability to ask Siri to select Audio track, select Subtitles, ask “What did he say?” like in other apps to skip 15 seconds back and turn on subtitles and turn them off after said 15 seconds.

Also, would be great if we get a list of actors in every movie in a horizontal list of circular pictures like in Plex and iTunes Store.

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@NC_Bullseye can you move to suggestions category? Would still like to be able to “What did he just say?”. I would use this all the time.