Single TV show folders displayed with cover art


With Infuse 2.3 update we got 

  • Single movie folders are now displayed with cover art

This is very nice. How about the same thing for TV shows, if a folder contains episodes of only one show ?

Keep up the good work !


My problem is this: my TV sets are stored in this way:

- Series Name
    - Season 1
        Episode 1
        Episode 2
        Episode 3
    - Season 2
        Episode 1
        Episode 2
        Episode 3

There should be a setting to override the files and all group by series, then by season, and then view the list of episodes ...
Thank you!




Same issue. my tv shows are structured the same way. 


We've looked into this, and it's definitely doable.

As of now, we're planning to include it in the next update of Infuse. :)

Good news!