Single Favorite from Multiple Sources

Is there a way to map 2 different drives into a single favorite?

I have 2 drives/shares with TV Series on them and I want them to show up as a single favorite?

I cannot just use the TV from the Library as that also lumps in other TV such a documentaries, specials, etc. which I keep separate.

Unfortunately the Library is the only way to do this.

You can, however, limit which Favorites are included in the Library. Just uncheck the items you don’t want to be included through the Settings > Library menu.

I see, that might work. I had both TV shares. Hide them from favorites but let them aggregate into the Library. Then remove things like Documentaries etc that would normally aggregate into TV so only the 2 TV shares show up in the TV library. Then add the TV library as a favorite. Seems a bit convoluted but I imagine it’ll work. Thanks.