Single Button Press Scrolls to Top or Bottom

Everything has been working perfectly until last night when a single press (tap) of the up or down button scrolls all the way down to the bottom item in the particular menu. If I try to run anything (only 4 options really, Movies–>Top Movies, Movies–> My Movies, Settings–> General, and Settings–> Standby) the machine goes to a black screen for 10-20 seconds and then returns to the same place. Tried a hard reset and same issue. I am using a Harmony remote that was working fine for over a week. I would go back to the original remote but can’t get to that option due to limitations of only being able to access the top and bottom item in menus. Any ideas?

I managed to unpair the harmony remote and go back to the original apple remote and still have the same issue, so it’s not the remote.

Finally figured this out. Actually has nothing to do with aTV Flash, it was a hardware problem with IR interference from my TV. The fix was ridiculous, just put a post it over the IR sensor to block out some of the unwanted signal. Hopefully this can help someone in the future.

Hmmm, never seen that issue before.

Is that an official fix from Apple? :slight_smile: