Since update, TV shows not sorting into seasons

so since last update, I open a tv show folder, and it seems to be like I just did this yesterday, so the shows are in a grid, instead of sorted into season folders like it was before. Anyone else having this issue, is there a fix?

Are you browsing through the library, or just a normal folder?

The library will usually provide a much better experience for browsing TV shows. A bit more info on setting up and using it can be found here.

I am using normal folder, and this is how I have done it in the past. BTW, I don’t have a recently added section right below my library like I did before the update. It seems that meta data is not being fetched, cause non of my tv show folders is sorting by season. I have even removed the share, and re added it. when I go into the library section, in to all tv shows, it says “nothing to see hear, move along”

Can you provide a few examples of how your shows are named?

Do you have the Metadata Fetching option enabled in Settings?

While browsing your folders, do you ever see the words ‘Local Metadata’ in the upper right corner?

I usually see this effect if the files in the directory have not yet been indexed. If a wait for Infuse to index the files in the directory then it switch’s to the normal ‘season’ folder display.

Could be an indication that the cached index was deleted by tvOS and infuse needs to rebuild the cache.

deleting the app, and installing again fixed everything. only thing is when I add new movies, they don’t show up in recently added, no biggy though.

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Great! Glad you were able to get it sorted out.