Simplifying the creation of folders

I’ve always liked to organize my files and with infuse this task became even simpler with automatic download of metadata. But, I think that the creation of folders and even the “renaming” of files could be simplified, because in my case, and i believe others experience that, watch the movies/series on the Ipad, but also see the videos on the computer or TV, using the following organization: Folder (name of series) → Episode 01 - (name of the episode) - Therefore when we pass the files to Infuse there are no folders containing the series (i’ve already looked in the metadata 101 tutorial). So I was thinking that manual editing and creation of folders and renaming files (+ the metadata download) is something simple to be implemented and would help in the organization of files, without requiring users to rename on windows all files in a way that is not convenient to them. Please, think about this suggestion.

Thank you for your attention.

Thanks for the suggestion.

The ability to create folders and move files in and out of them has been something we’ve gotten quite a few requests for, and are working to add for an upcoming version. We don’t have an ETA right now, but it’s something that could make an appearance in 3.4 or even 3.3.

Wow, thank you for the quick response, you guys deserve all the success with this app. In addition to being the only (to my knowledge) with support to DTS audio, the assistance given when listening to the suggestions from the users are really phenomenal. Congratulations again and keep up with the excellent work. Thank you.