Simple Question with regards to Connecting to Windows Server

Hi all,


Hoping this is a simple one. I have a windows server running at home. It is running IIS and serving a site to the web, but it’s also acting as my internal media storage.

I set each of the storage types up as a separate folder. Am I correct in saying that the new Apple TV my old man just bought will be able to browse and stream direct from these folders just as any other PC/Mac in the household can, by navigating to the IP address?


Thanks in advance



That is true if you have Jailbroken the Apple TV so that you can run XBMC or the FireCore Media player. Both of these can play a wide variety of media types off network hares.

If you are just running the standard Apple firmware then you are limited to playing stuff through iTunes (which means you need a machine running iTunes and are limited to iTunes media types).


Sorry yes, that was me assuming you knew what I meant. My issue is that out of the 2TB storage I have, only 8GB is readable by iTunes due to either avi files in DIVX/XVID codecs and the like, or other file formats. I’m guessing FireCore won’t have an issue with them?

The aTV Flash media player has the capability of playing a wide variety of file types and so does XBMC.