Simple and Easy Suggestion

Hi there!

I love Infuse for tvOS, as it really brings my digital library to life.

  • One suggestion that I have for the future is adding a movie quality rating.
  • This could be added in the same window that displays the synopsis, actors, genre, year, and rating, and could even be turned on or off in settings.
  • This could be added next to the rating “PG,PG-13, etc” area, and show up as “standard” or “HD” or simply only say “HD” for the movies that are higher quality.
  • This would be useful in my opinion, because I have a lot of DVD-quality movies mixed with full 1080p quality movies, and it would be nice to know whether I am watching something that is 720p or less, or 1080p or more. This would also mirror the same layout as the iTunes Store movie section.

Keep up the great work!

  • Zach

We’re looking into it. :slight_smile: