Significant Delay Fetching content from Plex Server

Recently, I have experienced significant delays when first loading Infuse. If I attempt to go into a Movie or TV folder I just see the spinning wheel. If you go to settings → library the status is “Fetching content from [Plex Server Name]” it takes about 5 minutes for this to complete. In this time I can’t browse any libraries or watch anything. When I first set up the server it took around 30 minutes to download all the metadata from my server, I let that complete successfully. I have this issue on both my ATV4Ks. Of note, I think this came with the past few updates as it wasn’t an issue previously.


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We’ve added a number of fixes for Plex servers in the past few updates to address some edge case issues.

One thing you can try which may help is to re-authenticate with Plex via the Settings > Shares > Connect to Plex option. Doing this will ensure you have all the latest Plex fixes, and will not affect your existing shares.

If you are still seeing issues after that, I’d recommend submitting a report from the Apple TV and opening a support ticket so we can look further info this.

Already attempted to re-authenticate. It will take 20 minutes or so to download all metadata. Once I restart Plex it still takes a long time to “Fetch Content” from the Plex server. The library is not browsable until it is complete. Ticket submitted. #111861

I have the same issue. Takes a very long time for Infuse to update the library. Using the native Plex app is much much faster. Any update on this?

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I have the same issue with the app taking about 5 mins to pull down fresh/changed metadata. I am still able to watch items that infuse has previously fetched, but it is frustrating to have to wait several mins each time for the refresh to occur.

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I’m glad to see I’m not the only one experiencing this issue! Has there been any update to this? I find myself using Hulu and Prime Video a lot more because I don’t feel like waiting on Infuse to download whatever it is downloading.


We have a number of changes aimed at speeding up Plex scanning which will be available in the upcoming 5.9 update. This should especially help those with larger Plex libraries.

We hope to have 5.9 available next week.

Same situation here. Connected via latest version of Plex (with Plex Pass), add a few files, and it takes 15 minutes to scan library. I know you are saying there’s a update in the pipeline but if my diagnosis would be of help I’m more then willing to submit them.

Can’t wait … right now I’m waiting 45 mins on startup for scan (3k movies, 21k tv-shows) … very fast Plex Server … 1 Gb cabled network …

5.9 is now available, and should provide a noticeable improvement when indexing videos from Plex.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes.

Hi James, it’s definitely greatly improved on my end! Thanks a lot for that.

5.9 made a massive difference in regards to Plex library syncing. I was skeptical at first as previously touted performance improvements in this regard have yielded no disernible improvement…but the difference is drastic with a large library and infuse running on atv4k. I’m clocking a library sync on atv4k at about 35 seconds with 5.9

Prior to 5.9 it was 2-3mins in a best case scenario, and usually longer dependending on various factors.

Here also noticeable improvements in scanning the plex libraries!
I don’t know if it’s relevant but I don’t have my own server, I’m connected to 4 shared plex servers. After the update to 5.9 I’ve re-authenticated plex for all shared servers, the first scan then lasted for more than 30 mins, now it takes only like 5 mins to scan all 4 shared servers.

I’m going to try to re-authenticate my Plex server, however, at first glance I’m not seeing any improvement in speed.

EDIT: Re-authentication of the Plex Server was the issue. The initial sync took a while, but it was done super fast every time after that! Well done!

New to Infuse on version 5.9.5 and I am having issues with this as well. Also having issues where I have to refresh individual files metadata every so often, even ones that had it before.

With that said overall experience has been great!

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Since this thread has been marked solved and the OP has found a resolution you may have better results starting your own thread. Have you tried the solution found in this thread? If so, your problem may have a different source and it would help to know type of connection (wired or wireless) and what protocol you’re using to connect in the new thread.

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