Sidescroller for TV Shows shows blurry posters


using Infuse Pro 7.5.8 on Apple TV 4k with tvOS 16.5.

If you to to “Library” in Infuse, you get the options

  • Playlist
  • Collection
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Other

When highlighting Collection, Movies or TV Shows, a sidescroller with Posters from that section starts.
On my Apple TVs (I have three, all same Infuse Version and tvOS Version), everything is fine, except for TV Shows.

The sidescroller for TV Shows shows all posters blurry. Anybody an Idea why?
I use custom “poster.jpg” files for all movies and TV Shows.

Infuse > Settings > General > Hide Spoilers > Off

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This is already set to OFF

Can you post a pic of what you are seeing?

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You might try restarting the Apple TV to see if this helps.

Alternatively, you can use the clear all metadata option to force Infuse to rescan your local images.

Restarting the Apple TV does not help.
If I clear the Metadata, then I will loose all corrections I made for false detected movies and shows, right?
As mentioned I have other devices with Infuse and I use the icloud sync. But if I clear the metadata the apple TV will do a full scan and metadata fetch of the configured sources, instead of loading from icloud, right?

If you click on TV series in the Library do the posters look clear?

Also, what is the resolution of your custom posters?

Yes, they look good.

most are 2000x3000 pixel

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Those are supposed to be preserved if you are using iCloud sync …

( But I usually change my filenames — or occasionally update TMDB’s database if absolutely necessary — so as to not require manual edits for the explicit purpose of being sure — and I frequently rearrange my media and therefore wipe and rebuild my metadata more often than most would deem worthwhile. )

Infuse officially recommends posters be just 25% as large, but I, too, edit all my custom posters to 2000x3000 and suffer no ill consequences.

Recommended poster size 1000 x 1500px, (1:1.5 ratio). Recommend landscape image size is 1920 x 1080px or 3840 x 2160px (16:9 ratio).

Yesterday I changed all the posters in the TV show share to have a maximum size of 1000x1500, with the expectation that this won’t do anything anyway, because all my posters for movies are 2000x3000 and there are no problems with the sidescroller there.

I then cleared the metadata cache. This had the following effects:

  1. the sidescroller for series still shows the same error, all posters are blurred. When I open the TV shows, in the library or via favorites, all posters are displayed correctly.
  2. many series and movies that were detected incorrectly in the past and that I corrected were detected incorrectly again when the shares was scanned again. The icloud sync for the metadata unfortunately does nothing at this point. On all three Apple TVs, not only on those where I cleared the Metadata cache.
  3. I have a collection I created myself that contains 160 Tom & Jerry shorts, it now shows up under “Other”.
  4. in the library only a few movies and a few collections are shown under “Movies”. But under “unwatched” or the other categories, all the movies that fit there are shown.
  5. The Up Next List is killed on all three Apple TVs, not only on those where I cleared the Metadata cache.

If Plex had a two way sync for, I would have switched already. There the listing of actors is also at least approximately complete.

No further help or advice? Not even a comment on the mess that was made by clearing the metadata, and that the iCloud sync does not work as expected (which can be seen since the introduction of the feature, I have a Pro Version).