Sidebar design suggestion

I’m so happy Infuse is coming to Mac! It’s looking great so far, however I feel like the sidebar could be updated to make it more Mac like. I mocked up a super quick idea of how it could look. Thoughts?


Looks great! :+1:

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I’d also like the ability to hide the sidebar!


I like too.
I would have liked that by clicking on the tabs, they open and close. Without needing to click on the cross on the left.
Oddly, there is only Library which opens by clicking on it, but it does not close when clicking again.

I second this suggestion! The sidebar looks a bit bland currently, and icons would make it a bit easier to find a given section. If this is implemented, a future feature could include giving the user the option of customizing those icons to include glyphs like the Shortcuts app or emojis.

This one looks better than the official one.

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I’d love to see Browse/By Duration in addition. It’s been sadly missing in my family. We often find ourselves constrained by time, and we want to watch a movie that fits within the available time, for ex. no longer than 1h30.

now thats more like it, I understand its in alpha but to me design should be at the top as well as usage, also an option for bigger art work would be great especailly on a retina Mac. I feel a more macOS look needs to happen rather than a quick iOS squished look that is currently in the alpha. but as I said its alpha things change I hope by the beta stage the UI looks better.


love it!