Shuffled collections/playlists refresh too often

I have Infuse on Direct Mode from Plex and it’s great. I have some collections on the home page so I can imitate a streaming service. Most of these lists are on shuffle and that’s intentional.

However, it seems like they refresh way too fast? Sometimes as I’m just 5-6 movies going down the list. Here’s what it was like when I just let it sit:

The list changes every 5 seconds.

Anything I can do to make that better? I want to keep shuffled collections as lists like that.

Hmm interesting.

Can you describe where you have set this ‘shuffle’ option? There may be something we can do to improve this.

Thank you! The order of the collection in Plex itself is set to random (Randomly)

Then, I display that collection on my home page in Infuse.

Now, I will note that it’s not so bad today. Maybe 15-20 seconds goes in between the refreshes in Infuse instead of the very aggressive 5 seconds. But, it would be nice if it didn’t do it at all.

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If you hav a moment, can you send in a quick report from your device and post the code here?