This is the only thing keeping me from switching away from the official Plex app (now that you’ve added AirPlay 2/HomePod support) - there doesn’t seem to be the option to shuffle anything in Infuse.

80% of the TV watching I do is shuffling a playlist of reruns. I would very much like to be able to shuffle Playlists, Seasons, and Shows.

If I’m dreaming big I’d also like an option to swipe up from the bottom (or from the side) to bring up a menu for going forward and back on the items in the playlist (or series) that I’m watching.

Also there really should be a ‘back to show’ button on the season/episode page - and probably a page designed specifically to show all the seasons of a show rather than a generic list (but that is much lower priority).

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I use this with the official Plex app, great for old sitcoms etc.

Desperately need Shuffle option

I would appreciate this feature a lot.

+1000 Please add shuffle!

Currently in progress.

Please see main thread here.

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