Shuffle TV Shows for Infuse on tvOS

I have a lot of tv series on Infuse that don’t need to be watched in chronological order. I normally watch these shows on Plex simply because I don’t want to watch them in order and can utilize their shuffle feature within each season and within the series as a whole. However, I’d much prefer to watch these with infuse and the shuffle feature on Plex isn’t very random, so it’d be awesome if infuse could implement a proper shuffle feature for tv shows.


+1, this is my most missed feature from Plex


+100, i dont care if it is as bad as plex, just the option

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+1000 this is the only thing I need in order to ditch the Plex app completely.

+1 seems like such a simple thing to add and it’s been wanted for years. Posts from as far back as 2016 requesting it.

It’s literally the ONLY reason I keep Plex installed on my Apple TV. I only ever use Infuse for watching movies, and that’s way less frequent than TV shows for me. This is all I really want from Infuse right now and can’t find any sort of dev response about it.