Shuffle music

Hi all

Kudos to the firecore team on a great media player, however to get any music to play continually I have had to create a new folder with lots of my music files as I can’t seem to get the music player to recognise the way iTunes has arranged my music folder. Also when I am playing as a playlist it plays one track after another and I would really like it to shuffle the music again, am
I missing something or is this a future implementation?

Many thanks in advance

This, along with other playlist options will be available in a future version.

Fantastic news thanks for getting back so soon.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Firecore team doing very well by providing new features for users. This is definitely one of the best feature. Thumbs up. :slight_smile:


You mentioned in a previous post that music shuffle would be coming to a future release but so far on rc1 we still do not see it(unless I’m being blind).

Can we have an update please?


Well done on a fabulous player though :slight_smile:

Coming in the next version.  :wink: