Shuffle issue

Hi all,
perhaps you can tell me whether what I experience is bug or feature.
I have a directory structure shared to my appleTV using SMB.
The directory structure contains music videos grouped by artist, it means artist is a folder containing one or more video files.
(folder) Music Videos
(subfolder) Beatles:

  • (file) Let It Be
  • (file) Tax Man
    (subfolder) Bob Dylan
  • (file) Lay Lady Lay
    (subfolder) Metallica
  • (file) Nothing Else Matters

The thing is:
When I hold Play/Pause button on AppleTV’s remote over my “Music Videos” folder and select “Shuffle”, the only videos played are the ones which are in subfolder alone.
In example above Mettalica and Bob would be played (shuffled), but Beatles’s videos are skipped from shuffle. These are never played.
Is it supposed to behave like that?
It took me some time before I noticed because my library is quite big, but now it makes me sad.
Any help?



Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the confusion.

Currently, when using folder-based lists shuffle and loop will only work with files contained inside the actual folder (sub folders are ignored).

If you’re looking to shuffle all your music videos, you may try browsing in the Library to see if you have a Music Video genre (or similar) in Library > Movies > By Genre. You would be able to to use the shuffle option on this genre which would allow you to shuffle all your music videos.

Thank you James,
yes, you are right, Library is the right feature, it works fine now.
The problem I was facing when shuffling folder was caused by “flattening” feature (only directories with single file were shuffled).
Is there a plan to allow disabling flattening? I do not find this feature very useful, it is doing more confusion then good.

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