Shuffle in Media player

It would be nice to see an option to shuffle all songs in the media player…





Isnt that what ‘shuffle’ does in the music playlist setting?

where could i find that setting? where/how can i change the settings for a playlist?



nevermind, i found it (more or less acidentially…) but it’s a long way to go to Menu->Media->Settings->Playlist Type->Shuffle/none/anywhat, if you in the dephts of your NAS folders.


i’d like to have that option changeable via holding the menu button. that would be intuitive.

Ok. I have found the playlist option…and now for a silly question…

How do I create a playlist?


There’s no such thing as silly questions. only silly answers :slight_smile:

you need to press and hold the menu button on a folder, i.e. on a folder which contains movies/music.

a window will popup and there you go…


i wounldnt call the result a real playlist, but its called so.


ok, did that, but I found that it only works with media that is not inside a folder, all my music are in folders and sub-folders…

so, I reckon we need an option (like in iTunes) to be able to see all the songs in one list and be able to shuffle from there…

I could make a copy of all the songs into one folder, but then that would take up too much space…

Has anyone found a better player that has more i-tunes-like functionality?  I have all my music & movies on a NAS, organized by folders, so I don’t want to move all the files into a flat directory.  Is my only option iTunes Match/iCloud?  


I’d like a depth or recursive play ; very useful for music.





+1 - for music and music videos.